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Subject: HC+T Update: The New Way to Get This Newsletter
Date: June 22nd 2018

June 22, 2018
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A Special Announcement: My Newsletter is Back...and It's (Pretty Much) Daily

The last time I sent out an HC+T Update was in January. More than six months ago.

It also took me nearly that long to write one single blog post.

Full-time jobs will do that to you.

As many Update readers know, since late October last year I have been director of Internal Communications at Webcor, a San Francisco-based commercial contractor. After 21 years on my own, I was ready for a change. I was more than ready. I was jonesing for a change. After eight months, I have decided it was the right change. The culture here is great, the people are wonderful, the industry is fascinating, and the leaders want what I can bring to the company and are receptive to my plans.

With far less flexibility in my schedule, I had hoped to keep the Update going, along with my blogging and podcasting. The podcast is the only one of those three activities I've managed to maintain. I feel bad about that. I just haven't known what to do about it. It took about six hours each week to produce the Update, six hours I just no longer have.

But I have found a solution. I have to admit, I'm pretty chuffed about it.

Nuzzel's Newsletter Function

For a few months now, I have been reading a daily email newsletter from Francine Hardaway (a really smart serial entrepreneur and communication strategist (and an occasional guest on my podcast). Like my newsletter, her bulletin features summaries of articles she thinks will interest her readers along with her commentary. It goes out daily.

I was awed by Francine's effort and wondered how she manages to pull it off. Then I noticed the newsletter was distributed through Nuzzel. Nuzzel is a news aggregation app (like Flipboard) with a difference: Your primary feed is based on the links shared via social channels by your friends. A secondary feed features articles shared by your friends' friends.

You can also share your own links in the form of a newsletter. There's a field where you can add your commentary. Nuzzel distributes at noon every day to subscribers whatever you have posted in the last 24 hours.

Please Resubscribe!

I'm already saving links to my Tumblr blog as a repository from which I choose stories to cover on the podcast. Sharing stories to Nuzzel will take just a few extra seconds. And just like that, dear readers, I'm back in the game!

There is one task for you. You'll need to subscribe to the new email newsletter, which will come to you from Nuzzel, not from Holtz.com. Just go to the web version of the newsletter at nuzzel.com/shelholtz, choose to subscribe to the newsletter, and you'll be set.

I could have saved you the trouble by exporting the list of subscribers from my mail server and importing it to Nuzzel, but this is also a great opportunity to make sure I'm in compliance with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you are receiving this bulletin, it is because you subscribed -- I never opted anybody in who didn't ask to subscribe -- but because GDPR is a freakin' serious thing, I'm going to ask you to subscribe again.

I have been curating and commenting on content through the Nuzzel platform for a week or so. There may be days when I don't get around to sharing anything. There will undoubtedly be days when I share a lot and days when I share a little. I most likely won't share anything on weekends (or, who knows, maybe I will). However it goes, I hope it approximates (or even exceeds) the value you got out of the old HC+T Update.

Thank you for your support. I apologize for the six-month silence. I look forward to sharing with you again.

Have a great weekend!

Shel Holtz is director of Internal Communications at Webcor in San Francisco. For 21 years, he was principal of Holtz Communication + Technology. He has also held communication leadership positions in two Fortune 400 companies and spend five years working in the communication practices of two global human resources consulting firms. He blogs at blog.holtz.com.

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